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Meet the Team at Chemika




Alan Doughty

Alan is the Chief Chemist and Managing Director at Chemika. His role is in project planning and preparation of protocols in addition to having technical input to the day to day activities at Chemika. Alan looks after medium and long term planning and makes decisions regarding development of new tests, acceptance of new work and major equipment purchases.

Clients may wish to discuss projects with Alan or have a detailed discussion of any measurement process with interpretation of test results.  He is also very happy to discuss any concerns over any aspect of the work performed by Chemika and may be able to assist in the development of a regulatory or testing strategy.

Dr. Alan Doughty was awarded First Class Honours and the University Medal by the University of Sydney in 1991. Dr. Doughty subsequently completed a PhD in Chemistry in 1994 (Sydney University) and undertook post doctoral research at the University of Oxford UK, and the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Sydney. Dr. Doughty is co‚ÄĎauthor of 14 publications in leading international journals such as the Journal of Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics Letters and the International Journal of Chemical Kinetics.




Catherine is the laboratory manager she is responsible for the day to day operation of the laboratory. Catherine prepares the work schedules for the staff and therefore knows when samples are being tested and when the results can be expected. Catherine reports to the chief chemist.

Client enquires about the status of testing should be directed to Catherine. If Catherine makes a committment to complete the testing by a certain date, clients can be confident that this decision is made considering both current committments in the lab and the nature of the testing.

Clients may request test results to be investigated these requests should be directed to Catherine.

Catherine graduated from UWS with a Bachelor of Science in 2001 and commernced working at Chemika in 2002. She worked her way up throught the ranks and become laboratory team leader in 2003 then the role expanded into the position of laboratory manager in 2011.

Catherine is highly customer focused and combined with her extensive laboratory experience means she can respond to customer questions and enquires in very quick tiime, she brings enormous insite, professionalism, knowledge and know how to a critical position within the company.

Customers can be 100% assured that she will get them the best results possible when they need them in the quickest possible time frame.



Darren holds the position of Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager,reporting to the managing director. He is responsible for the quality of the analytical data and compliance of the laboratory within the requirements of the TGA and APVMA. The majority of test results are released to the customers by Darren.

Darren's work is largely in the background and clients will only be in touch with him for matters relating to quality and compliance.

Client audits and contract testing agreements are co-ordinated by Darren and clients are welcome to contact him during these processes, or in any instances where the client wishes to make a complaint.

Graduating from the University of Technology in 1995, he first worked for Upjohn pharmaceuticals as a chemical analyst followed by similiar roles in Cyanamid and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. From 2003 onwards Darren worked in quality control systems, administration and computer validation at Merck Sharp and Dome until 2014.

Darren is highly computer literate and has worked on many pharmaceutical database projects including SAP over the years.

He is a current member of the RACI.





Thulari as the Senior Registration Chemist and is responsible for the receipt and logging of samples. Thulari is also responsible for the co-ordination and management of client stability programs.

Any client enquires in relation to sample submission should be directed to Thulari.

Thulari graduated from the University of Western Sydney in 2001 with a major in Chemistry. She commenced employment with Chemika in 2006 as an analytical chemist. In 2014, she was promoted into the QA team where her years of experience in the laboratory and attention to detail has proven to be invaluable in her new role as the Senior Registration Chemist.



Leonie works in administration and accounts and joined Chemika in 2018 she brings with her considerable experience in the accounting field. Having been in the financial industry for over 30 years, Leonie understands the critical needs of our clients and has implemented new processes to streamline our administrative operations to meet those needs more effectively.

She also helps with government authorities for the import of laboratory materials or to assist in receipt of samples when required.

Leonie is the account contact for both receivables and payables.



Marcus is the Business Development Manager at Chemika. He joined Chemika in 2014 and reports to the Managing Director. Having many years experience in the scientific industry, he understands the array of pressures faced by sponsors and manufacturers alike.

Marcus creates and implements the Marketing Plans, working on long term strategies to effectively promote Chemika as the first choice for chemical analysis. Marcus works closely with the Laboratory Manager on customer service issues.

Marcus graduated from UTS with a Bachelor of Applied Science with a major in chemistry. He spent a number of years working in forensic science laboratories before moving into scientific instrumentation sales and marketing.

His intimate knowledge of analytical chemistry plus his many years of business experience makes him a valuable client resource. Existing clients and potential clients can be assured that he can assist them with any sales or testing enquiry.



John started in September 2001 and holds the position of senior development chemist. He reports to the Managing director. John has 16 years experience in the analysis of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

He attended Sydney University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science with second division honours. He also holds a diploma in accounting and a business certificate level four from NSW TAFE.

John started his carreer working for Intec Copper analysing copper samples for potentially new mining operations.

He then moved on to Alberto Culver where he worked as a chemist analysing cosmetics, John worked there for two year before joining Chemika.

He worked his way up through the ranks from analyst and became the project co-ordinator March 2015.

John's years of experience with analytical instrumentation means he is an extremely competent and professional person and well qualified for the position. He is always happy to help clients in whatever way he can with their testing requirements.


Laura is the Business Development Manager at Chemika for Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

She joined Chemika in 2019, having previously worked extensively in the wine industry.

Laura graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry and later from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Wine Science.

She has spent almost 20 years working in all aspects of the wine industry from winemaking and working in winery laboratories, wine and sensory education, brand management and business development.

Laura is based at our Melbourne office at the Waterman Business Centre at Chadstone.


Started in April of 2009 and holds the position of senior development chemist. He reports directly to the managing director. He has 10 years of experience studying and working in the analytical chemistry field.

He attended Wollongong University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science with class 2 division one honours, and in 2019 obtained his PhD from the Western Sydney University in analytical chemistry.

Andrew's years of experience with instrumentation during his PhD and while working at Chemika make him an extremely qualified and competent senior member of the scientific staff. 

He is a highly motivated work focused individual who goes the extra mile everytime to achieve the best outcomes for our customers whatever the request might be.


Started in November 2017 and holds the position of laboratory operations manager/senior chemist. She reports to the laboratory manager. Stephanie has 7 years experience working in analytical chemistry.

She attended Macquarie University where she obtained a BSc in medical science with first class honours.

Stephanie started her career at Chemika in the finished products team but by showing great intiative moved quickly to into the role of projects team leader.

She is extremely dedicated and customer focused. Stephanie is a driven person who puts the outcomes for our clients as top priority. So customers can be assured of receiving top quality service and support from her everytime!!