Government and Hospital

Chemika has been serving the Australian government and hospitals for more nearly 20 years, offering a high quality, independent chemical testing laboratory service.
As an established service provider to a variety of government departments and institutions, Chemika has the necessary experience and infrastructure in place, to ensure that all processes are adhered to, allowing peace of mind when it comes to getting on time results minus administrative hold ups.
Hospital pharmacy departments often have access to quality in-house laboratory testing. Chemika can complement and support internal testing programs allowing you to benefit from our experience that comes from testing a wide range of medicines, as well as providing extra capacity to cope with short term periods of high workload or during periods where internal capabilities are compromised.
Our chemical testing facilities are licensed with the TGA giving you peace of mind that your testing is being carried out with the highest standards.
Chemika has worked with a variety of institutions to achieve the following objectives:

  • Establishing short term stability of medicines under refrigerated conditions and during the transient conditions of transport. This means you can be sure of the dose received by the patient at the time of administration, ensuring efficacy or the validity of clinical trial data.
  • Determining shelf lives of pharmacy products to allow optimum use of resources whilst maintaining confidence in product quality.
  • Help with understanding of impurity profiles and implementing best practice in the monitoring of impurities where impurity monitoring is critical for product safety.
  • Providing insight that comes from experience and specialised knowledge.

Chemika has worked hard to become the independent chemical analysis laboratory of first choice. Working with Chemika, you’re supporting a team with principles, dedicated to understanding your goals.…

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