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Presentations and Forums

by Laura Piva

Our Managing Director and Chief Chemist, Alan Doughty, presented at Macquarie University Department of Molecular Sciences in August. The presentation outlined the role of packaging in drug stability, and showed how funda-mental science forms the basis of therapeutic goods regulation. If you would like a copy of this presentation, please email us sales@chemika.com.au

Alan also participated as a panelist in a careers forum held by the RACI Young Chemist’s group on the 19th of November. The Australian pharmaceutical industry presents many opportunities to recent graduates, and the panelist’s rundown on their careers showed how careers can take a number of turns to arrive at a chosen career. Thank you to William Li for organising and special men-tion to David Sammit on his ongoing work as coordinator of the RACI Mentoring Program.
Andrew Jones is now a member of the committee for the RACI Analytical Chemistry group. Andrew will be involved in organising seminars and will also present in the near future.


December 15, 2020