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Chemika attend the 40th International Symposium on HPLC

by Alan Doughty

In November Laboratory Analyst Simin Houssini and Alan Doughty travelled to Hobart to attend the 40th International Conference on HPLC. The conference attracted close to 300 delegates from 32 countries and showcased the latest research in chromatographic techniques and interpretation of chromatographic data.

Relevant to our daily challenges were seminar topics covering prediction of equivalence of stationary phases, and new approaches to “total analysis” of pharmaceutical preparations. Two dimensional chromatography continues to be on the horizon, but as with the horizon, doesn’t seem to move closer and looks a long way from routine application.

Centres of excellence for chromatographic analysis were well represented and the seminar was helpful in establishing contacts for future interactions. These types of links can be very helpful when external services are required to allow servicing of our client base.

As well as the conference program spending a week in Hobart is enjoyable. The local galleries, including MONA the museum of old and new art, with the excellent seafood provided for an enjoyable break from Sydney.



December 10, 2013