About Us

Chemika is an independently owned chemical analysis laboratory providing chemical testing services to manufacturers of human therapeutics, medical devices, complementary medicines, health and beauty, veterinary and agricultural products.

Extensively equipped and staffed with trained and qualified personnel, Chemika provides an comprehensive range of chemical testing, including the physical/ chemistry testing of raw materials, finished products and testing to evaluate product stability.

Providing a total analytical service to the industries our service extends beyond laboratory based studies. Chemika is able to assist in the development and implementation of protocols for process validation, such as validation of mixing or cleaning.

Chemika is a chemical testing laboratory, licensed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Association (APVMA). The principal Dr. Alan Doughty is listed as a public analyst by the NSW Department of Health.

Providing analytical services to critical industries such as human health care requires quality objectives which extend beyond regulatory compliance. Chemika works to deliver complete assurance to manufacturers and sponsors in the knowledge that the analytical work supports the integrity of their product and the safety of consumers.

Chemika aims to promote the viability of the pharmaceutical and veterinary products industries in Australia and Oceania through the provision of world class analytical services. To achieve this objective Chemika will not limit its scope to suit short term objectives, but will continuously increase the number of tests offered to meet the demands of industry. We accept the challenges faced by our clients in the manufacture of a world class product within a relatively small and remote industry.

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